Irish breakfast

Irish Breakfast

Each country or region has its own peculiarities, whether in culture or even in gastronomy. When we arrived here in Dublin we saw in almost all the restaurants in town ads about the famous Irish breakfast and on a beautiful day we decided to wake up early to try it out. It was a “different” […]

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Rio Preguiças boat tour & quadricycle – Barreirinhas/MA

rio preguiças boat tour

If you think Lençóis Maranhenses is the only attraction in Barreirinhas, I’m afraid to tell you’re wrong! Taking the Rio Preguiças boat tour and visiting lovely villages such as Vassouras, Mandacaru & Caburé was surprisingly fun! On this post you’ll see how amazing is the Rio Preguiças boat tour and how to make the most […]

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Reasons why you should visit Johannesburg


It’s very unusual to receive any recommendation for traveling to Johannesburg. After all, South Africa has other more usual cities and much better known tourist spots.   However, your stay in this South African city can be very beneficial and completely exceed your expectations. Just give a chance to the unknown and enjoy your visit […]

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cartões postais - postcards

When we talk about long trips, the first concern is in how to keep in touch with family and close friends. We miss them a lot but nowadays there are so many tools available that help us shorten the distance. Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp are just a few classic examples. We’re going now to talk about […]

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How to pack your bags like a pro

how to pack your bags

Is it time to pack your bags for that long-awaited international trip? There it comes the dilemma between getting in trouble and over-packing which is automatically increased when it comes to choosing what take with you and what to leave behind. So this will be the subject of our first post here on the blog: how […]

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