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Would you like to know more about us? So welcome to the travel blog made for those who want to know the world through other eyes before venturing out there.


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The #PartiuMundo blog emerged initially in 2014 in order to update our parents and friends about our adventures in Europe during our exchange program in Ireland.


Here you will find topics related to travel in general: itineraries, hotel suggestions and restaurants we passed by, as well as all the details of tours we take so you’ll have the best tips of what to do when visiting the cities where we’ve been.



Our goal is to bring true, useful and enjoyable content. Note that the constant feedback from you is very important to us! And our daily lives have become an open book in which we are willing to share a little bit of our daily life as well.


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Carolina Ojeda: Brazilian, 30 years old, daughter of a Paraguayan mum and a Brazilian daddy from Pernambuco, bacharel in foreign trade administrator, businesswoman, real scorpio, doesn’t like chocolate, loves dancing and writing. She freaks out when sees insects, have no idea how to fry an egg, but is such a good eater. Her favorite color is red and she’s definitely a shopaholic!



Victor Lorasque: Brazilian, 27, doesn’t eat anything that swims, but loves cooking, especially with his friends. He loves dancing, he doesn’t enjoy writing and he freaks out when a cockroach comes up. As a good engineer, he can only think very logically, no subjectivity at all. He doesn’t live without his hat and is addicted to driving!



We returned to Brazil in 2015 and opened a student exchange agency. We offer short and long term exchange programs for a several number of destinations, including South Africa, Germany, Australia, Canada, Scotland, Spain, USA, France, England, Italy, Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, among others. By the way, if you want to receive a quotation, just send an email to info@trinityintercambio.com.br and mention in what country you’d like to study and for how long. We will be very happy to take all possible questions from you.


So let’s travel the world with us?

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