Diving in Malta

Divind in Malta

Malta was the second destination of our 2018 eurotrip where we visited also Madrid, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Malmo and Copenhagen. We stayed 2 weeks in the country studying and having fun but one of the Victor’s favorite activity was Scuba-diving for the first time. So if you’re looking for more information about diving in Malta this post is for you. 🙂


diving in malta



What company to choose for your diving in Malta?

We chose Ok Diving Malta because they are very well rated on TripAdvisor and Google. They are located in St. Paul’s Bay where Victor received all the first instructions and got his equipment.


What we liked the most is the fact of Victor been informed in details how everything works. Oscar, his instructor, painted a very clear picture of what safety steps he must master before he’d be allowed to venture into the Maltese sea.


diving in malta


It’s very important to mention that you need to get certified before you dive. So that’s why Victor looked for Ok Diving Malta to have his class and get his certificate. So now he can dive in Brazil as well and in any other country actually! o/


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Victor was told about how to communicate down the sea, how the equipment works and how to set them up, what to do in case of any trouble, how to properly breathe, float, control pressure and so on. Full of details that definitely made difference to him. After all explanation he needed to take a test in order to identify if he got all info properly. He aced the test! Well done! 🙂


diving in malta diving in malta


Regarding the practical tests, as he was perfectly briefed before, it was very easy and then they started diving and I was soaking up the sun waiting for them. hahahah He dived up to 12 meters underwater. I’m so proud! 


diving in malta diving in malta diving in malta diving in malta


The amazing thing is that they analyze properly the direction and speed of the wind so they took us to a place where the sea was calm but still full of gorgeous fishes and other sea creatures, which was Cirkewwa, one of the most visited scuba diving sites in Malta. There are several entry/exit points with stairs & railings. You can count on a parking area and toilets as well. I enjoyed my time having some snacks while waiting for them.


diving in malta diving in malta


Diving is a wonderful sport which once you experience you don’t wanna stop! It makes you feel part of the ocean because the sea is so big and offers so much to explore. It’s definitely different from anything else you’ve seen before…


Because it was Victor’s first time diving he couldn’t take his GoPro with him but I got some wonderful pics with Ok Diving Malta team as you can see below! 😃


diving in malta diving in malta diving in malta diving in malta diving in malta diving in malta diving in malta



We couldn’t be happier for all attention provided by all the staff and for the unforgettable experience!


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diving in malta


What are you waiting for? We can assure diving in Malta will be an unforgettable experience for you too! 😉


#PartiuMundo Blog was welcomed to Ok Diving Malta as a guest, however it has not influenced our opinion. For more information about the company, visit its official website.


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Divind in Malta


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