How does Lokafy works

How does Lokafy works

We tested Lokafy services and decided to tell you everything about it because while traveling, everybody says: “travel like a local, not as a tourist”. Well, this is true and highly recommended but sometimes we don’t find all the information we need on the internet. Or maybe you have a friend living in that city but his/her habits are completely different from yours, which means s/he won’t have many places to recommend that matches what you’re looking for. What if you could find someone that has the same passions as you and know that city very well? This is exactly what Lokafy provides. “Lokafyers are real people not tour guides. All Lokafyers have been interviewed one-on-one prior to being accepted on the platform. They have been chosen based on their passion for their home city and their desire to share what they love most with travellers.”

How does Lokafy works

Remember that Budapest was the third destination of our eurotrip in May-Jun of 2018. We also visited Madrid, Malta, Budapeste, Bratislava, Prague, Krakow, Malmo, Copenhagen and Toledo.

How was our tour with Lokafy?

In Vienna we decided to test this service. It was the best decision we could’ve ever made. We knew the city is full of interesting history and we love to know these things. Counting on a local for providing all info and taking us to the places we wanted to visit was fantastic.

We spent half a day with Lucas, our guide. He’s half Brazilian, half Austrian. Perfect match! We told him we wanted to skip issues related to Arts. We wanted to focus on History and end up on a rooftop bar (we love this kind of bars because we can always  get a great view of the city).

How does Lokafy works
The Dachboden

How was our tour with Lokafy?

We met him very close to our hotel (to check the review of Novotel Wien Hauptbahnhof, click here), and he started taking us to several interesting places and telling all history envolved. Speechless! Everything we asked, he knew how to answer. He’s like an encyclopedia man! hahahah

As I mentioned, in the end of the tour, he took us to a rooftop bar, The Dachboden. He’s our guide but we ended up making a new friend! 🙂

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Lokafy – booking process

Select Lokafyers based on their knowledge of a particular area of the city, their age range or a shared interest (ex: music, sports, photography). Once you have narrowed down the choice of Lokafyers using the filters, click on the Lokafyers you are interested in to read their full profile. You should choose at least 3 since the Lokafyer’s availability varies. Then provide contact information, your travel dates, preferred timing for the tour and the number of people who are travelling with you so that they can confirm the booking with the Lokafyer. Make the payment in order to finalize the booking. You will receive an email with the booking details.

You meet with the Lokafyer at the agreed upon meeting time and location. Lokayfers meet with travellers one-on-one or with a group travelling together so the meeting is always personalized. Like free-flowing conversations, the meetings between Lokafyers and travellers are not scripted and there’s no set itinerary that must be adhered to. When you meet with the Lokafyer you could ask them to show you around a particular neighbourhood that they’re familiar with or just sit down in a café and get to know each other. Through this exchange, you’ll gain a fresh new perspective of the city, and learn things that would never get covered in a regular walking tour.

How delighted was our day with our guide Lucas. It was completely enjoyable and yet educational. He’s passionate for history and we covered the major sights without no rush. We felt we got so much more out of our trip because of his easy way of explaining things. Lokafy have made of Vienna trip more meaningful. The prices are fair and reasonable. Would you give Lokafy a try? Well, you should! 😉

How does Lokafy works

Thank you, Lucas! We definitely had a great time in Vienna thanks to you! ♥

#PartiuMundo Blog was welcomed to Lokafy as a guest, however it has not influenced our opinion. For more information, visit its official website.

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How does Lokafy works

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