How to pack your bags like a pro

how to pack your bags

Is it time to pack your bags for that long-awaited international trip? There it comes the dilemma between getting in trouble and over-packing which is automatically increased when it comes to choosing what take with you and what to leave behind. So this will be the subject of our first post here on the blog: how to pack for an international trip.


how to pack your bags

How to pack your bags properly


The first tip is to try to create a checklist in advance so that nothing important is forgotten. On the internet we found several models, but what pleased us most was CheckPoint APP which allows you to use various filters, such as: national or international travel, if it’s for business or just leisure, among others. Click here for checking our full blog post about this APP. It is worth taking a look or, if you find it convenient, draw up your own checklist.


Checking the prevailing climate of your destination is a must. And it is worth remembering that it must be checked in advance what is the weight limit that your airline allows to be taken without charge of extra fee.


When picking your clothing, take only basic pieces that match with each other. Accessories are fundamental in order to change the outfit of these basic clothing. Not to mention they don’t take up so much space in the suitcase.

Medications and beauty and hygiene products are fundamental and must be separated by a necessaire. The shoes should also be packed separately, inside the suitcase.

The heavier clothes should be in the bottom of the suitcase, thus preventing them from kneading the lighter clothing. Towels and bed linen should cover light clothing in order to protect them.


how to pack your bags

how to pack your bags


For better use of the space in the suitcases, use the vacuum bags in order to reduce the volume of some pieces. They optimize space considerably and are not expensive.


how to pack your bags



Having your bags ready, it’s time to make sure they’re properly identified avoiding any inconvenience. Write your full name and address with another emergency contact in case of loss. For added security, in addition to a padlock, you can wrap the entire suitcase with plastic film.


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The handbag, in turn, should contain at least some pieces of clothing (in case the airline loses your suitcase), toiletries and pharmacy (maximum of 100 ml per bottle), in addition to items of immediate need and high value items. Laptop, mobile to listen to music and a book are also super indicated.


There are also the money belts which are a kind of pouch that you can carry your personal documents and money close to the body, inside the pants. This accessory is more than fundamental.


What’s your tip for packing like a pro? 🙂 We’d love to know!


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how to pack your bags



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