Irish breakfast

Irish Breakfast

Each country or region has its own peculiarities, whether in culture or even in gastronomy. When we arrived here in Dublin we saw in almost all the restaurants in town ads about the famous Irish breakfast and on a beautiful day we decided to wake up early to try it out. It was a “different” experience and here we tell the details.


irish breakfast

We went to Madigan’s on O’Connell St. and ordered the full Irish breakfast. As it was the first time, instead of asking one for each of us, we decided to buy only one to try.


café da manhã irlandês


The breakfast consisted of two slices of bacon, two sausages, black and white black pudding, grilled tomato, mushroom, egg and three slices of bread. For drinking, we could choose between tea or coffee. We went for coffee. According to what we’ve read before, there are other places which, besides the mentioned items, beans with tomato sauce also make up the dish. Anyway, we believe it to be much more a meal than just a breakfast, especially for us, Brazilians, who are used to the famous bread with butter and coffee with milk.

This was may half…

irish breakfast


…and this was Victor’s.

irish breakfast


Well, taste is very personal, right? Particularly, we both didn’t like it at all! We think it’s very strong and we couldn’t even touch the puddings and the giant mushroom! (gross LOL)



In addition, Irish coffee itself is not at all conventional. For our breakfast we chose the regular coffee, like in Brazil (a little weaker, of course). But the classic Irish Coffee is made of coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar with whipped cream.


irish breakfast


In the markets there are also options of frozen Irish breakfasts. But we haven’t tried so we can’t give our opinion on this. 😛



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Since this super breakfast takes considerable time to prepare, Irish people don’t eat it every day, usually only on weekends, especially to cure hangover. During the week they feed in the mornings of porridge. This is a dish made of oats or other type of cereal cooked in water, milk or a mixture of the two. Fruit can also be added to the porridge.


Irish Breakfast 5


If you want to know more about breakfasts, it’s worth checking out this link here, where they list the 50 best breakfasts in the world. It’s super interesting! 🙂



What about you… have you ever tried or would try this Irish breakfast?




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Irish Breakfast

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