Quad bike tour in Campos do Jordao


We went to Campos do Jordão a few times already but we decided to explore the city in a different way this time and combine some adrenaline and beautiful scenery. So we decided to take a quad bike tour in Campos do Jordao. 

Remember that Campos do Jordao is known as our Brazilian Switzerland and the highest city of my beloved Brazil. Popular destination on winter season, the city offers a mix of adventure tourism, dining tours and seasonal programs such as the Winter Festival.

Campos do Jordao

Quad bike tour in Campos do Jordao

Victor loves quadricycles and it’s a popular tour in the city so when we decided to know Campos in a different way, the quad bike tour was the first thing that came to our minds.

We got to know Campos do Jordão Quadriciclos, the main company on this segment in the city. They offer free transfer from your hotel and brand new vehicles. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to drive. They offer free classes before the tour begins. And during the tour, there’s always a guide very close all the time.

Quad ride tour options

There are tour options for everyone and all of them are monitored by a qualified instructor.

We went for the 1 hour tour (R$ 150,00 for couples) where we drove for 14,5 km in total. Kinda in the middle of the tour we stopped by the Mirante do Cupim to take some photos and enjoy the view.

You can go for 1,5 hour tour, 2 hour tour or even better: the 3 hour tour that takes you to Pico do Itapeva, one of the main attractions in Campos do Jordão. You’ll drive for 34,5 km in total and stop 4 times for photos.

Campos do Jordão Quadriciclos open daily from 9:00 to 17:30.

Tip #PartiuMundo blog: wear comfortable clothes and know in advance that you can come back with your clothes completely dirty. Be prepared!

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Over to you guys! Would you enjoy the quad bike tour in Campos do Jordão? We can assure you that it’s definitely worth it! Besides being a different way to explore the city 😉

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Campos do Jordao

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