Reasons why you should visit Johannesburg


It’s very unusual to receive any recommendation for traveling to Johannesburg. After all, South Africa has other more usual cities and much better known tourist spots.


However, your stay in this South African city can be very beneficial and completely exceed your expectations. Just give a chance to the unknown and enjoy your visit to Johannesburg altogether.


Check out this post about some reasons why you should visit this South African destination and get the most out of this territory.



Johannesburg – a city rich in history


Visiting Johannesburg is an incredible history lesson for anyone. In this beautiful city you get to know a little more about the history of South Africa and all its suffering.


When traveling to this city, take time to visit the Apartheid Museum. At the door of this establishment you can see the separation between blacks and whites that occurred at the time of this regime. On site you can also watch some movies and documentaries which will make you very emotional. We visited the museum and we told everything in this post.





Another amazing place to visit in Johannesburg is the region of Soweto, the largest neighborhood in the world with 5 million residents. In the streets the Bike Tour is a great opportunity to talk with residents and get to know the history of South Africa. It was overwhelming but we couldn’t leave the city without visiting Soweto. You can check all details of our tour in this post. Enjoy!




Safari in Johannesburg


Visiting Africa and not taking a Safari is almost a crime. Knowing wildlife and interacting with them is a priceless experience. Luckily, you do not need to venture into wildlife and dangerous places.


In Johannesburg this experience can be lived safely and emotionally at Lion Park. Inside the zoo you go on a ride among the animals and even interact with lion cubs. All in a safe and comfortable way, for both tourists and animals. If you love wildlife, you’ll definitely love this experience amidst zebras, antelope, lions, leopards and more. We have been there and we tell all details in this post.






Many attractions and fun in Johannesburg


When visiting Johannesburg you have even more surprises through the streets of the city. This is what happens in Maboneng, an important commercial district of the region.


See beautiful graffiti on the walls of the buildings in this neighborhood and stroll through the streets safely. Contrary to what one might imagine, this region is very safe for tourists and you will have no problem.

Best of all is that the neighborhood began to be revitalized in 2010 for tourism. This reconstruction included 40 buildings that were transformed into galleries, museums, hotels, bars and even a night market.


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Undoubtedly, it’s an excellent opportunity to meet the bustle of Johannesburg, shop and talk to the younger population that is concentrated there. Have a good time!




We stayed in Johannesburg for just one day but enjoyed every second of our trip. Our full itinerary is in this post. What about you… would you like to visit Johannesburg? 🙂


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