Study and work in Malta

Study and work in Malta

From 2018 students from 16 years old are allowed to work 20 hours per week in Malta while they are studying. The purpose of this new measure is to attract more people for studying programs in the country. If you intend to study and work in Malta, here we’ll give you all information you need.

Study and work in Malta
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Study and work in Malta

A few considerations must be taken. Only students who will be in Malta for an initial period of at least 3 months will be able to apply for the Work & Study Visa as they can only work after their 90th day (3 months). Which means if your course lasts 4 weeks, you won’t be able to apply. In any case, the students will first be given s Student Visa. In other words, the wait for the processing of employment license takes from 4 to 6 weeks. This means that students can only start working from Week 13 (after their extension visa has been given). The license is granted for a maximum of 1 year visa. Over 1 year, the student has to apply for the residency permit and apply for a job through that scheme.


The student needs to find a job first (by himself/herself) and then s/he can apply for work licence which is issued for the duration of the validity of visa. On the licence, there will be the start and end date of employment, employee’s name, job status and employer’s name. The licence is only valid for the work and company that it has been issued for.


Study and work in Malta


A proof of attendance of at least 80% of the total number of lessons must be presented. When the student gets the permission to work, there’s no possibility of conversion of courses because s/he needs to attend lessons daily to make up a minimum 15 hours of tuition per week.


If the accommodation is not booked via school, the student needs to show proof of the agreement with the accommodation owner and make sure that this accommodation is licensed by the Malta Tourism Authority. That’s why we highly recommend to book accommodation with the provided by the school to ensure ease of process and assurance.


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Students still need to have an health insurance. The medical assistance coverage must be a minimum of 30 thousand euro per event.


It’s worth reminding that the employer has to try first to find an EU national and check that the employee is a student who is eligible to work.


study and work in Malta
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You can’t forget that the main purpose is always to study. The permission to work is a way the country found to make the life easier for the students. It’s important to keep up with the studies in order to improve your knowledge.


Kindly note this article is based on Brazilians. If you’re not from Brazil, we recommend you to check with your school in Malta.


If you’d like to study and work in Malta, send an email to and we’ll assist you 🙂


Over to you! Would you like to study and work in Malta? We visited the country in May 2018 and we fell in love immediately! We could definitely live there forever! 


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Study and work in Malta


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