Where to stay in Nantes, France: La Maison D’Hôtes

Where to stay in Nantes

​​We were on a 2-week road trip along the west and southeast coast of France. We started in Nantes, a very vibrant city full of interesting cultural attractions. It was a pleasant surprise!
And if you want to do the same, let’s start with our recommendation of where to stay in Nantes, La Maison D’Hôtes. The hotel is conveniently located and offers an incredible experience.

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Sparty Budapest – the unique bath party

Sparty Budapest

WOW! What a party! This bath party (SPArty Budapest) was one the most commented activity during our eurotrip and our fave attraction in the city. The spas themselves are a must-visit in Budapest, of course, but when we mix a fantastic party in this gorgeous venue it becomes even more special! Here we introduce you […]

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Blue Lagoon in Malta: everything you should know

Blue Lagoon em Malta

Visiting Malta was like visiting paradise! What a gorgeous island! ♥ We love beaches so we definitely fell in love with the country, of course! It’s a destination that suits everyone! One of the main attractions is the Blue Lagoon in Comino island. There are a few options of how to get there so we’ll […]

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Where to stay in Vienna – Novotel Wien Hauptbahnhof

where to stay in Vienna

Vienna was voted in AUG/18 for the first time and now owns the title of the most livable city. Melbourne owned this title for seven years! Well, being in Vienna in MAY/18 we could definitely  confirm it’s true! Vienna suits everybody, has activities that suits every age and every mood. Also, it’s always important have […]

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Where to eat in Malta: Diar Il Bniet

Where to eat in Malta

When it’s possible, we always try local food and in Malta couldn’t be different. On this post you’ll see our suggestion of where to eat in Malta: Diar Il Bniet. Malta was the second destination of our 2018 eurotrip where we visited also Madrid, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Malmo and Copenhagen. We stayed 2 […]

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