Why should I buy travel insurance

Visiting tourist destinations, getting to know amazing landscapes and making new friends are some things that lead us to travel abroad. To fully enjoy the ride you need to take some precautions though before stamping your passport. One such consideration is that you should buy travel insurance.

Do you know the importance of having this protection when traveling abroad? See in this article some benefits of travel insurance and have your questions cleared up.


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Why should I buy Travel Insurance?

1. Legal aspects

In some countries, such as the members of the Schengen Agreement, insurance for foreigners is compulsory. If you don’t provide proof, you will not be able to step in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Greece and many others.


In the most developed tourist destinations, such as USA, there is no public health option such as what we have here in Brazil. That means when you get sick you have to look for hospitals and private clinics.


Now imagine returning from your travels with a very expensive hospital bill or other medical expenses, and worse, in higher currency? So prevent yourself and hire a travel insurance before you leave!


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2. More peace of mind

In addition to medical-hospital protection travel insurance has other very useful coverages.


Lost or stolen luggage, legal assistance, insurance for traffic accidents and body moving are examples of protections. For you to have an idea, some insurers cover even the traveler’s funeral.


We know you do not want this to happen, but you never know. Inconveniences do not tell you when they will happen, right? That is why they are called unexpected! 🙂


Having a health or travel insurance is the best option to have more peace of mind during your holidays, work or study tour. It’s certainly not something you want to save money on it or let go.


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3. Save money on the trip

Do you like to save money? Who doesn’t like it, right?


However, you need to know how to save and do it on time.


There’s no point in dismissing the travel insurance to save some change before the trip and return with a high hospital bill. It’s also not worth hiring cheap health insurance, and when you need it, find it useless.


Therefore, research well the options of health/travel insurance. Learn more about the coverage available and make sure they are useful if you need it.


Thus, you’ll be making a smart saving before and during the trip. This without neglecting your physical integrity or your family’s.


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Now you know! Hire your protection before you leave for the next destination, deal?


Now that you know the importance of buying travel insurance, comment below your next destinations. We’d glad to read your recommendations!

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