Our trip to Thailand

our trip to Thailand

We couldn’t think of a better destination for our honeymoon. Visiting Thailand was always on our bucket list but now we can assure you that it’s a country that everyone should visit at least once in life! ❤️ So from now on we’re going to share everything we did, where we went and everything you should know before visiting Thailand. All details of our trip to Thailand will be listed on this post. 

Thailand was our 29th visited country. We stayed 20 days and we wish we had more time! Having 30 days would be perfect! And our itinerary was like this and I wouldn’t change a bit!

Our trip to Thailand - Maya bay
Maya Bay – Koh Phi Phi

Our trip to Thailand

  • Chiang Mai: 3 days
  • Koh Samui: 2 days
  • Koh Phangan: 3 days
  • Railay (Krabi): 2 days and a half
  • Koh Phi Phi: 2 days and a half
  • Koh Lipe: 3 days
  • Bangkok: 2 days

So from now on, every new post about Thailand I’ll add it here, just like we did on the Canada and South Africa trips.

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Many other posts about everything we did in Thailand will soon be listed here. Alright? Stay tuned!

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Things to do in Chiang Mai: Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

Where to stay in Chiang Mai: The Chiang Mai Old Town

Where to stay in Chiang Mai: The Chiang Mai Riverside

3 days in Chiang Mai

Where to stay in Koh Samui: Sandalwood Luxury Villas

Things to do in Koh Samui: SEEN Beach Club

Much more articles coming soon…

We arrived in Thailand on Nov. 19th 2019. Most people believe it’s still rainy season in the country during November, especially on the Eastern side of the country. We were lucky then because there were only 2 rainy days in the evening which didn’t cause any trouble. 

The rainy season in Thailand typically takes place from July to October. Sometimes the months of May and June will also see some extra rains as they lead into the official monsoon season. During the rainy season, the high will be around 89º F (32º C) and the daily low around 78º F (25º C). April and May are the hottest months of the year in Thailand. The months that typically get the most rainfall are August and September.

During the rainy season in Thailand, the seas are typically very rough, and for beachgoers swimming and watersports can sometimes be dangerous due to generally large waves and frequent storms. Source

During this trip we took 10 flights, 8 boats (I’m considering only the ones for transport and not the ones for tours), 3 scooters, some tuktuks, taxis and vans.

The Thai people are such incredible human beings! So kind, polite and always making every possible effort to make you happier and happier! Definitely a country that we felt more comfortable and welcomed during a trip!

Here are some pics for you guys!

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We did snorkeling (a lot), scuba dive (Victor only), took tuktuks, speedboats, longtails, visited temples, played with elephants, ate ant (Victor only, again), we were attacked by monkeys in a hotel, we had a lot of Long Island Iced Tea, Victor ended up in the hospital because of his back (he had an injection and everything), we met friends from Brazil over there, convinced a friend to fight Muay Thai (and he won!) and everything was all spectacular! We visited several islands and paradisiacal beaches that can’t be expressed in photos.

Have you been to Thailand? What did you like the most? Would you change our itinerary? Please share your thoughts so everybody interested in visiting Thailand will benefit from it! 🙂 

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our trip to Thailand

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