When we first arrived in Dublin

When we first arrived in Dublin

January 2014 was when we first arrived in Dublin! The so awaited dream coming true! Almost every day, since we arrived in Ireland, we use to look at each other and we say, “Maaan, we’re in Europeeee! Can you believe it?!” LOL There are so many news that we’ll need the whole year to tell you everything!


When we first arrived in Dublin


When we first arrived in Dublin


Being here it really is like in the movies and everything. In fact, it’s the realization of a dream Victor and I had in common!


For those who have not yet had the opportunity to meet any European country or any other place in the world, the most important thing we can say is: “NEVER give up on your dreams!”.


For getting here, we had to give up a lot. It’s as if we have taken a step back but aiming to give two in the future. We had to leave our jobs, our family and all our comfort and convenience that we had in Brazil.



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Speaking like that, it seems like we’re a little bit sad about our arrival in Dublin, right? But it’s the opposite, thank God! The point is that things here are not easy, especially away from our family. Anyway, we want you to know that we are very happy and proud with this new achievement in our lives. So we decided to make this introductory video to show some of our arrival in Dublin. Don’t forget to give the thumbs up if you like the video, ok?



If you’re interested in studying in Ireland, send an email to partiumundo@gmail.com and we’ll assist you 🙂


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