Where to eat in Valletta – Malta: Palazzo Preca

Palazzo Preca restaurant

I brought today a very special recommendation of where to eat in Valletta, Malta. When we visit cities we’ve never been to before, trying a well-known restaurant is always great! And it was exactly what we did and that’s the subject of today’s post: get to know Palazzo Preca restaurant in the Maltese capital.

Remember that Malta was the second destination of our 2018 eurotrip where we visited also Madrid, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Malmo, Copenhagen and Toledo.

Where to eat in Valletta – our orders at Palazzo Preca


While we were deciding our orders, they brought us these warm rolls with a delicious garlic/herb butter that I can’t describe how tasty it was. Besides, we have some olives as well! All of these “on the house”! Nice treat and a terrific way to start our lunch! 🙂


I went for a mixed shellfish with prawns, mussels, clams, fried calamari, octopus, leeks and cherry tomatoes. I also had a fishcake which was very delicious, by the way!

Everything was soooo tasty that I can’t even think of a proper word to describe it.

Victor ordered an Insalata Rosario, a salad with soft goat cheese, maltese sausage, coloured lettuce, olives & capers. As he doesn’t eat any seafood, he enjoyed his choice.

Main dish

I ordered a filleted seabass cooked with leeks & cherry tomatoes. Very seasoned and tasty!

Victor went for a Linguine Beef & Truffle Cream (beef strips, truffle cream & parmesan cheese.

We didn’t have any desserts this time.

Even before posting this recommendation here on the blog, every time someone asked me for a restaurant suggestion in Valletta, Palazzo Preca was my answer. I have a friend who lives in Malta and she had never been there. After my recommendation, she went to Palazzo Preca with her boyfriend and they loved it! They really enjoyed the restaurant which made me very happy! 🙂

Our final opinion

Palazzo Preca is open daily for lunch and dinner, except on Sunday evening and on Monday is closed all day. We had lunch at this restaurant but I can imagine how magical it must be having dinner at Palazzo Preca! It’s  beautifully warm, welcoming, elegantly furnished, located in a lovely old building.

If seafood is your thing i’d recommend a visit here. In short: fabulous food, excellent service & reasonably priced.

Attention: if you want to eat here we would recommend booking as soon as you can.

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Blog #PartiuMundo was welcomed as a guest, however it has not influenced our opinion. For more information about the restaurant, visit its official website.

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