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Where to stay in Budapest

Budapest is the Hungarian capital, one of the most populous cities in the country and its name is a combination of the cities Buda and Pest. Also the hometown of Ferenc Puskás, the football player widely regarded as one of the greatest ones of all time. There’s so much to see and do in the city such as visiting the popular ruin bars and amazing spas but first of all you need to pick a place to stay, right? So if you’re looking for a suggestion of where to stay in Budapest, you’re in the right place! 🙂


Budapest was the third destination of our 2018 eurotrip where we visited also Madrid, Malta, Bratislava, Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Malmo and Copenhagen. Budapest was in our list for a long time. When we lived in Ireland for one year in 2014 we didn’t visit any country in Eastern Europe. That’s why we tried to tick off the main ones this time.


Where to stay in Budapest

Where to stay in Budapest:


Location: in the same street as Szimpla Kert (the oldest ruin bar in Budapest) and the Street Food Karavan Budapest. It takes less than 10 minutes walking to get to the closest metro station (Opera). A lot of attractions are just a few minutes away. There’s a 24/7 market very close and plenty of restaurants and pubs close by. We got very satisfied with the location of Maverick.


Sleep quality: the rooms are located in an isolated area where the noise on the hall couldn’t be heard while we were in our room. Fantastic! Specially for me as I’m a really bad sleeper.


The room: comfy! 🙂 We stayed in a Standard Double Room Ensuite which is sometimes cheaper for 2 people than choosing the shared dorm. The decoration makes all the difference because it rather makes you snug or the opposite. In Maverick’s case, snug it is! All rooms have air conditioning & daily housekeeping. There’s a tv which was perfect because I watched the Champions League final in our room (Real Madrid x Liverpool) because the closest sport bar was full of Liverpool fans so I had to leave and watch somewhere else 😛 There’s enough sockets for charging our devices. And nothing to complain about the bathroom or shower. It‘s properly equipped with a hairdryer. Everything was perfectly fine!


Where to stay in Budapest Where to stay in Budapest Where to stay in Budapest Where to stay in Budapest Where to stay in Budapest Where to stay in Budapest


Service: you can count on multilingual staff and a 24 hour front desk. Besides being multilingual, all the staff is very gentle and helpful. In the main area, close to the reception, there are computers available and wifi throughout the building. The main hall was a very nice place to hang out and make some friends. They offer water, coffee and tea for free all the time. If you want to prepare your own meals, there’s a shared fully equipped kitchen. We didn’t actually cook anything but we visited the kitchen and everything was in place and properly clean. If you don’t feel like cooking though, you can count on a bar and restaurant there.


Where to stay in Budapest Where to stay in Budapest Where to stay in Budapest Where to stay in Budapest Where to stay in Budapest Where to stay in Budapest


A free luggage room is available and you can rent a bike with them and join the pub crawls and walking tours as well. There’s a mailbox in the hall where you can leave your postcards to be sent once a week. I love postcards and I guess you already know that after I told you about Postcrossing, right? 🙂


The entire building is non-smoking and there’s a parking available on site for 12 euros per day. If you need laundry services, it costs you just 7 euro. Regarding breakfast, they offer 10% off on their restaurant called Fat Mama


Cleanliness: as they offer daily housekeeping, the room and all facilities were very clean all the time. Even the kitchen as I mentioned before was clean. We understand that the users should keep it clean and this is exactly what we found there.


Atmosphere: Maverick City Lodge is very lively and we wish we could have enjoyed more but we didn’t have time. Unfortunately! There was always people hanging around the hall and making new friends! We really enjoyed the atmosphere there!


Differentials: they offer a lot of free activities and the environment was a highlight for us. Everytime we crossed the hall there were happy people hanging out. We crossed with people of so different ages that makes Maverick being so unique and lively! Having their own bar and restaurant makes our life much easier as well. Not to mention the location which is perfect being in a walking distance of a lot of attractions.


Cost-benefit: especially if you’re with someone else, choosing the double room can be cheaper than you too staying in a dorm. This really is value for money if you’re looking for suggestion of where to stay in Budapest! And you can see in the photos how cool this place is! They offer options to match every budget. You can save money preparing your own meals and you won’t wasting money with transport all the time because it’s undeniably well located. We highly recommend it!


Where to stay in Budapest


Well, now you know where to stay in Budapest, right? What about attractions? What are your favorites in the city? 🙂


Blog #PartiuMundo was welcomed to Maverick City Lodge as a guest, however it has not influenced our opinion. For more information, visit its official website.


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Where to stay in Budapest

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