Where to stay in Nantes, France: La Maison D’Hôtes

Where to stay in Nantes

Before starting with our recommendation of where to stay in Nantes, let’s talk about the first question people used to ask us when we said we were going to Nantes in France… “WHY NANTES”? To be honest, we didn’t know much about the city. It was the cheapest destination in France from Portugal. Our flight was Sao Paulo x Lisboa. Back then, Portugal was only allowing flight connections and France had its borders open to fully vaccinated people. We had to go to France. So it was just a matter of choosing a city. Besides, its location is very convenient to start a road trip of 2 weeks in France. We will give you details about it later on.


Nantes was an amazing and incredible surprise! We couldn’t be happier! After we bought the flight tickets, when we started to look up its attractions, we got so excited! Nantes it’s all about Art. The city has managed to combine modernity while preserving and enhancing its historical heritage. 


Where to stay in Nantes


Planning on visiting Nantes? So let’s start with a recommendation of where to stay in Nantes.

Where to stay in Nantes, France – La Maison D’Hôtes

Welcome to a little corner of the countryside in the heart of the historic centre of Nantes: we present you the La Maison d’Hôtes, with charming decor, a treat for the eye and for the soul!


Location: couldn’t it be better! It’s only 3 minutes walking to one of the main attractions of the city: Château des ducs de Bretagne, one of the city’s most emblematic sights, built in the late-15th century by François II and his daughter, Anne of Brittany. There’s also a lot of restaurants and bar nearby, market (Carrefour), pharmacies, etc. Everything you can find within a short walk distance. There’s also a very close tram station which is very convenient because it’s free on weekends so you can go everywhere for free.


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Sleep quality: when you can see such a charming and cosy room in a very well located hotel with an amazing and lovely owner such as Marie-Claude, how can you not sleep very well? I can tell you that I slept like a baby (and some of you already know that I have some trouble sleeping).


The room: we stayed in the Graslin room. 

Marie-Claude is an architect and she loves Art. You realize that the moment you step into the hotel. The décor of the room is so elegant and delightful. The bed is very comfy and I loved the bathtub in the bathroom. You can definitely relax and have a good time. There’s enough power outlets available and a TV. The bed linen and towels were completely clean and neat. The room is very ventilated but during the winter, there’s no need to worry because you can count on heaters all over the room and bathroom.


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Services: we had a wonderful breakfast in the garden prepared by Marie-Claude. Homemade yogurt and jam, coffee, milk, tea, bread and croissants… She also gave us a lot of tips on the city’s attractions, gave us maps and printed tour guides. It was very useful. We made the most out of our trip to Nantes. In front of our room, there’s tea available whenever I needed it. If you’re visiting Nantes by car as we did, you don’t need to worry because there’s free parking in the hotel. Marie-Claude is lovely and a welcoming host. She made our trip much special!


Where to stay in Nantes
We met lovely people from France, Germany and England 🙂

Where to stay in Nantes


Cleanliness: everything was completely clean! The hotel looks immaculate!


Cost-benefit: if you’re looking for comfort and convenience, this is your place to be. Its location is perfect and makes your trip to Nantes very useful to visit the main attractions. Staying in such a lovely hotel with charming décor and with a welcoming host made us want to go back to Nantes one day…


Blog #PartiuMundo was welcomed as a guest. However, it has not influenced our opinion. For more information about the hotel, visit its official website.


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Nantes was the first city of our road trip in France and we couldn’t start better. Choosing such a great staying was the key to get off on the right foot. Now you tell me… have you been to Nantes? If you’re planning on visiting France for the first time I highly suggest you don’t stick with only Paris because the other cities will show a completely different atmosphere and culture. It’s definitely worth a shot! You won’t regret that!


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Where to stay in Nantes


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